Craft Beer Ebora

Our secret: time & love

Our beer is produced with original recipes from countries like Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Furthermore it is completely handmade, unpasteurized and not filtered; it is 100% natural. This process of complete naturalness and craftsmanship comes together through time and love that go into making each batch of beer, making the flavor taste like "fifty years ago".
about us page image A batch beer takes one and a half months until it is bottled and labeled. During this whole process it is controlled 24 hours a day.

To achieve the different varieties of beers we have to develop them with malt bases which are individually more or less toasted to give them each another color. The flavor is influenced by other factors such as maceration time, the temperature of fermentation, yeast or maturation; which varies depending on the type of beer. “It's a completely individual process which is unique for each type of beer”