The Factory


You can enjoy a guided tour of our factory facilities every Saturday, at 13:00.  You will see the production process, the ingredients used and tastings.
The price of the guided tours which last for 1 hour is 3 €. Children free of charge.

This means: there will be a tour of the facilities accompanied by one of the brewerie’s staff members which will explain the process and the ingredients of a craft beer. After the visit you can enjoy the beer in our bar with tapas. In our store you can also purchase bottles to take home.

about us page image The brewing of the craft beer Ebora is entirely made in Talavera, "if we move (from this place) the beer would just taste different; the water would not be the same and the process different. Talavera’s water is needed in the recipe of our beer. "The factory produces about 2,000 liters of 'yellow gold' in each of its four tanks and has the latest technology.


In our Bar you can taste all our beers in bottles or on tap: Classic Blonde, Roasted, IPA, Red, Black, Belgian Ale and the Mediterranean.
New opening times SUMMER.
Fryday from 20:00 to 2:00 hours / Saturday from 20:00 to 2:00 hours
about us page image You will enjoy our beers in the same place where they are produced.


You can buy all varieties of our beer in our brewery, open Monday through Saturday during business hours. Our Online shop is also operating. ONLINE SHOP.
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- In the 90s Fernando Gonzalez, Beer manager at Ebora, visited European countries like France, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, etc. where he tasted the first time natural, fresh, craft and local beers, which showed him flavours, aromas and mouth sensations which were very different to the traditional Spanish industrial beers.
At this point Fernando was beginning to get interested in the exciting world of beers and their different styles.

- Fernando studied in the 90s the tourist career, the higher degree of gastronomy and hotel management, different masters (Tourist Quality management of restaurants, etc.), an MBA, “Sommelier by the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and has a title as an official tour guide.

- It's in the years ‘98 and ‘99 he decided to work in the USA in different restaurants and hotels to learn the language, people and culture. This is where he got in contact again with the "Craft beer". Thousands of local craft beers, never tasted aromatic hops and especially the naturalness of its people when drinking them and appreciating them.
In his free time and days off, even while on vacation he travelled the United States and Canada while visiting small and large craft beer factories. He even participated in the elaboration of these factories and for the first time learnt the art of brewing.

- When returning to Spain in 2000 and working in tourism enterprises and first-rate restaurants he begun to make his first beer recipes. At first he produced simple pale ale type beers but soon made Belgian recipes with 20% vol. alc. and impossible hop mixes.
With this experience he gradually developed his own recipes which he recalls on whenever he needs to.
All beers which he brewed and processed in batches of 50 and 100 litres he gave to his friends and family members which acted as his guinea pigs.

about us page image - At the end of 2012 in the middle of the great economic crisis combined with an uncertain job perspective, he decided with the help of his family to set up the first micro craft beer brewery in the region of Talavera. In mid 2013 the brewery opened, started operating and commenced the journey of Beer Ebora, which is the ancient name of Talavera.

about us page imageThe recipes with which Fernando begun are simple with delicate flavours and aromas combined with low carbonation. It is a smooth and easy to drink natural beer.

- With the start of the year 2015 he aimed at brewing more hoppy beer variants with different brewing techniques. There will be an evolution of the recipes due to the growing demand for craft beer and an overall greater understanding of this fascinating drink.

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