What are the club Beer Ebora?

It is an opportunity for lovers of natural craft beer who want to participate in its development .Each year 100 members can register on a first come first served basis and enjoy:

- Participation in brewing one of the beer recipes chosen out three proposed styles.
- In our brewery we will produce 2000 litre fermenter to be shared among the 100 partners that will make 20 litres per person.
- During the first year of being a member each partner will have a 10% discount in our brewery store.
- Price per member: 110 €.

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More information and reservations:

We will form groups of 100 members for each of the 2,000 litre productions which will be entitled to receive 20 litres of beer which are bottled late. 3 styles of beer will be proposed and each partner should vote for one of the styles. The most voted by a simple majority will be brewed only for the members. (You can see the styles on the right side of this page).

Once brewed, matured and bottled, members may withdraw their whole batch, take only a part or leave their whole stake with the brewery.

Each partner must pay 110 € which will give them the right to vote the beer which will be produced. The partners will have a 10% discount in the brewery’s store for 1 year.